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First Clone Of The Pi Network:

No Proof Of Serious Business Operations, But Very Successful

Second Clone Of The Pi Network:

Extended Software Development

Third Clone Of The Pi Network:

Trustworthy Provider

Fourth Clone Of The Pi Network:

Hasty Software Development

Fifth Clone Of The Pi Network:

Advanced User Interface

Sixth Clone Of The Pi Network:

Limited Software Functionality, But Fast Development

Seventh Clone Of The Pi Network:

Long Standing Provider

Eighth Clone Of The Pi Network:

iPhone Users Have To Mine With An Internet Browser

Ninth Clone Of The Pi Network:

Very mature and advanced project

Only promising projects that provide apps for both Android and iOS are published on this page.

There are more imitators with similar concepts, but their seriousness can, may or must be doubted, which is why they are not published on this website.

It is important to focus on the projects with high chances of success in order not to waste time on useless services.